Hey guys, You need to have Illuminae finished on Wednesday, so I want you to read at least half of it for Monday.  I’m not going to give you a specific page (but you should read around 150+ minimum).  You don’t have to do any secondary reading (I figure you have enough going on). Also, be thinking […]

Compare and contrast the music video “performances,” especially Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s to the orchestra performance, with an emphasis on the orchestra.  Analyze and argue for a specifc point of view; treat this as a mini paper.  Some topics/ideas to consider: how is sound “visualized” separately in each piece; what affect does the visual have […]


Hey guys! Before I give the prompt to the blog post for Monday, remember that EVERYONE is to comment on the blog posts, regardless of whether you or posting this week or not.  Your comments should be constructive and build off of each other.  Don’t just say “good post.”  Think of it as a building […]

Hey!  Check out this super interesting talk by Christopher Bell on female superheroes and young kids.

First Blog Post

September 2, 2016 | 1 Comment

Your blog due Tuesday September 6:   How do Ms. Marvel’s and Harley Quinn’s bodies function in the space of the comic book? Some questions that might be worth exploring: who are they being drawn for? How are they being drawn? Are the women depicted as physically strong? Are they classically pretty? How do their […]


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