For my final project, I plan to make a music video. I have never thought I would ever get a creative project like this since I was always used to writing essays. If I recall, the final project must be something that is relatable to the third paper. My third essay was about how books like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Ms. Marvel, and Black Hole address issues regarding racism. We all have different meanings when it comes to racism. However, I agree with Chaney and Robertson in “Racism and Police Brutality in America” when they say that racism is an ideology or a belief system that is designed to justify racial and ethnic inequality. Before I explained how these books talk about racism in my essay, I introduced police brutality as it is a modern day issue. Therefore, my music video will focus on police brutality. We hear in the news about the victims of police brutality, but it seems that the same cycle repeats where an unarmed black civilian dies and cop that committed the murder either gets acquitted, suspended, or fired from their position. The police are never locked up for their actions and this is the society we live in. So pretty much my music video is going to be about police brutality but still I did not decide how long my video is going to be. I have a friend whose helping me out and he may or may not be featured in the video because of finals. Together we made some lyrics but it is not complete due to finals. 


– Tajdidul Sefat


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