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December 11, 2016 | | Leave a Comment

For my final project I am creating a collage to show a dispute between two distinct groups. My third project had argued that two groups were separated because of a unique characteristic that one group had, which then creates a social barrier between the two. Thinking about my essay, I immediately knew I must do something visual for my final project, and I thought it would be suitable to make a collage. Using the visual works/animated works: Black Hole, Tokyo Ghoul, Big Order, and 91 Days, I will photo shop photos from online to create an electronic collage. The right and left halves will have main characters from each individual visual work  (having or not having the characteristic), which will then be separated by images of events which helped create the barrier between these two groups. This middle section containing eventful images is representative of a barrier itself, being self explanatory to why the two sides are separated. I am most likely going to create four collages to show the images from each visual text, while also creating a side note or page describing each side and why the events are responsible for creating a rift between the two groups. Anyone, after looking at these collages/descriptions should have an overall idea of what my third project is about and should be able to identify this repetitious theme in other visual works.



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