I feel the book Illuminae, written by both Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff makes the book captivating to the readers by presenting a unique form. By form, I mean the way this book is organized or structured. Usually, when it comes to form, people focus on using one style as their structure. Most of the time, we do not use more than one form as it can be sloppy or unorganized and probably difficult to maintain as we build upon it. Other than Illuminae and the many books we have read in class, most of the books that I have read in high school follow one form which is usually written in first or third person in paragraph form. However, Illuminae is written in paragraph form, text messages, emails, and memoirs. When Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff write like this, it allows the reader to be more concentrated as they focus on each sentence or dialogue in relation to what the author or in this case authors is saying.

In my opinion, form is universal and versatile depending on the person. It is up them to determine the way they use form to express their ideas. For instance, three people address the struggles of poverty but by using different forms. They might want to introduce this issue by using various methods like writing stories, speeches, songs, novels, comic books, or by other means. That is why the final project would not be bad as writing a ten-page paper since this project lets us convey our topic by using a different format other than writing essays in a conventional English class.

-Tajdidul Sefat


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