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When I opened up Illuminae, I expected a similar form of writing of paragraph styles accompanied by pictures, but instead I found variation of images which can range from scanned reports or even journals. The form of this book surprised me the most because I never expected to read a book that was focused around this type of “form”. Generally I found the “form” of the Absolutely True Diary or even comics such as Black Hole to be the norm, never putting Illuminae’s  unique form into question.

As a person, form to me was just another representation of how something is depicted or done. I understand that form can take any shape or appearance, but I am frustrated to see that forms of art or even writing are constantly repeated. In a world. where many of us wan’t to be unique, even myself, it inevitable to do so because many of the things we do fall under the same category… the same form.  Surely Kaufman was not the first to publish this style of visual text, but it is because this style is not often illustrated that we appreciate its value so dearly.

Form is a really flexible word, it can almost relate to anything we do. The way we dress, do actions, or even how I am writing this blog post under this specific format. This blog post about form really got me thinking about a lot of things. About the way I do things, and the “form” that I present them in. I always wanted to be different from others, trying to do things people normally wouldn’t do in the “form” of their own life. And it is because of the way I think about “form”, that I am able to differentiate myself from those who merely mirror the “form” of others.  Now that I think of it, I take form into high consideration when making decisions or even relationships, and without it, along with its definitive value to me, where would I have been now? Probably, just a head following the rest of the crowd.



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