Project 3

November 8, 2016 | | 1 Comment

In my project 3, I wan to introduce some China History. In ancient China, there have a female emperor. She is the only one female emperor in the ancient China history. Her name is Wu, Zetian. In her life, she was have two marriages. She was married Tang dynasty emperor. When Tang dynasty emperor dead, she was married Tang dynasty emperor’s son. And then when her second husband dead. She was did the emperor.

In the past, people knew Wu, Zetian as “Wu Zhou” or “Southern Zhou”. She abdicated in 705B.C. Wu, Zetian considers herself as equal with the sun and moon, hanging in the sky above. When she was emperor she names herself was “the holy spirit the emperor”.

Maybe some people want to ask me why I want to write about a female story. This female are not easy. Why I was said she was not a easy female. First one, I want to let more people to know how the female live in that period. Also she was a part of the China history. That is most famous in the China history. In ancient China, women do not have power to control everything. They must listen to their parents. They can not choose what did they learn. And they cannot say what did they actually want to say. Even though the marriage, they can not choose who she wants to marry. Before she marries, she even doesn’t know her own future husband what is look like. So in that time a woman did the emperor . That is an unimaginable thing. But Wu, Zetian did very well. And she make people believe her. And make that period to a famous  in the China History.

Yuqi Li


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  1.    minjigwon47 on November 8, 2016 11:38 pm

    Hi Yuqi! I think your topic is pretty unique since you write about the female leader in Chinese history. I haven’t heard about any female emperor before reading your blog, and I think it would be great!

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