For my final project, I plan to make a music video. I have never thought I would ever get a creative project like this since I was always used to writing essays. If I recall, the final project must be something that is relatable to the third paper. My third essay was about how books like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Ms. Marvel, and Black Hole address issues regarding racism. We all have different meanings when it comes to racism. However, I agree with Chaney and Robertson in “Racism and Police Brutality in America” when they say that racism is an ideology or a belief system that is designed to justify racial and ethnic inequality. Before I explained how these books talk about racism in my essay, I introduced police brutality as it is a modern day issue. Therefore, my music video will focus on police brutality. We hear in the news about the victims of police brutality, but it seems that the same cycle repeats where an unarmed black civilian dies and cop that committed the murder either gets acquitted, suspended, or fired from their position. The police are never locked up for their actions and this is the society we live in. So pretty much my music video is going to be about police brutality but still I did not decide how long my video is going to be. I have a friend whose helping me out and he may or may not be featured in the video because of finals. Together we made some lyrics but it is not complete due to finals. 


– Tajdidul Sefat

Final Project

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For my final project I am creating a collage to show a dispute between two distinct groups. My third project had argued that two groups were separated because of a unique characteristic that one group had, which then creates a social barrier between the two. Thinking about my essay, I immediately knew I must do something visual for my final project, and I thought it would be suitable to make a collage. Using the visual works/animated works: Black Hole, Tokyo Ghoul, Big Order, and 91 Days, I will photo shop photos from online to create an electronic collage. The right and left halves will have main characters from each individual visual work  (having or not having the characteristic), which will then be separated by images of events which helped create the barrier between these two groups. This middle section containing eventful images is representative of a barrier itself, being self explanatory to why the two sides are separated. I am most likely going to create four collages to show the images from each visual text, while also creating a side note or page describing each side and why the events are responsible for creating a rift between the two groups. Anyone, after looking at these collages/descriptions should have an overall idea of what my third project is about and should be able to identify this repetitious theme in other visual works.



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When I opened up Illuminae, I expected a similar form of writing of paragraph styles accompanied by pictures, but instead I found variation of images which can range from scanned reports or even journals. The form of this book surprised me the most because I never expected to read a book that was focused around this type of “form”. Generally I found the “form” of the Absolutely True Diary or even comics such as Black Hole to be the norm, never putting Illuminae’s  unique form into question.

As a person, form to me was just another representation of how something is depicted or done. I understand that form can take any shape or appearance, but I am frustrated to see that forms of art or even writing are constantly repeated. In a world. where many of us wan’t to be unique, even myself, it inevitable to do so because many of the things we do fall under the same category… the same form.  Surely Kaufman was not the first to publish this style of visual text, but it is because this style is not often illustrated that we appreciate its value so dearly.

Form is a really flexible word, it can almost relate to anything we do. The way we dress, do actions, or even how I am writing this blog post under this specific format. This blog post about form really got me thinking about a lot of things. About the way I do things, and the “form” that I present them in. I always wanted to be different from others, trying to do things people normally wouldn’t do in the “form” of their own life. And it is because of the way I think about “form”, that I am able to differentiate myself from those who merely mirror the “form” of others.  Now that I think of it, I take form into high consideration when making decisions or even relationships, and without it, along with its definitive value to me, where would I have been now? Probably, just a head following the rest of the crowd.


I feel the book Illuminae, written by both Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff makes the book captivating to the readers by presenting a unique form. By form, I mean the way this book is organized or structured. Usually, when it comes to form, people focus on using one style as their structure. Most of the time, we do not use more than one form as it can be sloppy or unorganized and probably difficult to maintain as we build upon it. Other than Illuminae and the many books we have read in class, most of the books that I have read in high school follow one form which is usually written in first or third person in paragraph form. However, Illuminae is written in paragraph form, text messages, emails, and memoirs. When Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff write like this, it allows the reader to be more concentrated as they focus on each sentence or dialogue in relation to what the author or in this case authors is saying.

In my opinion, form is universal and versatile depending on the person. It is up them to determine the way they use form to express their ideas. For instance, three people address the struggles of poverty but by using different forms. They might want to introduce this issue by using various methods like writing stories, speeches, songs, novels, comic books, or by other means. That is why the final project would not be bad as writing a ten-page paper since this project lets us convey our topic by using a different format other than writing essays in a conventional English class.

-Tajdidul Sefat

Reading for this week

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Hey guys,

You need to have Illuminae finished on Wednesday, so I want you to read at least half of it for Monday.  I’m not going to give you a specific page (but you should read around 150+ minimum).  You don’t have to do any secondary reading (I figure you have enough going on).

Also, be thinking about your final project (Present your research within the conventions of a particular genre (e.g., vlog, a collage, a music video, game play, a song, a short film, a photography project, a comic book, etc.) that is particularly relevant to the course topic).  We will be workshopping some ideas in class.


Ms. Fleetwood

Grammar Bootcamp

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I think Ms. Fleetwood’s idea of a grammar bootcamp was great. Honestly, i’m not very good at grammar myself and I found many of these videos particularly useful, including the worksheets as well. Some videos such as the Formatting Titles video were useful, because in my essays I would always be confused whether I should underline, italicize, bold, or surround titles with quotations. This video had clarified my issues, and in the future I will probably use this as reference because I will most likely make the same mistakes. I really wish there were more worksheets because I really prefer touching up on whether I really know the information with followed up practice. The comma worksheets, for example, solidified our understanding of the topic, as the passive/active voice worksheet did as well. I think the content was really corny in some of the videos, but the cringe worthy moments help us understand in some aspect the ideas of these vocab words such as independent/dependent clauses. The paragraph video itself was pretty straightforward, but was a good refresher for those who may find it hard to create introductions to paragraphs. All in all, these videos & worksheets were very helpful, and I hope that everyone was able to take advantage of this opportunity. I’ll be reading some parts of the 94 page document, and hopefully I can get through it without procrastinating. :p


Professor Fleetwood’s long awaited grammar boot camp is finally here!

Although I sound very excited, it was not really all that much fun. However, it truly was informative.

The first couple of videos spoke about sentence structure and their occasional need for commas and other punctuation. I enjoyed the videos a lot because they were quite comical; So they were not so tedious to watch. Now I am constantly double checking each sentence to see if I wrote it correctly. The last video was a lot more boring than the rest. It lacked any appealing visuals and this guy had such a monotone voice. Nonetheless, I still learned the difference between “Long works” and “Short works”. Although I already knew that book titles must be in italics, I did not know the chapters or stories within a book must go under quotations.

The work sheets were a pretty easy read, which served as a great review. One of the worksheets gave directions to mark the commas where they should go on the sentence. This was an easy activity and fun practice for the videos I had just watched. I also learned a lot from the “passive and active voice” worksheet. I am now familiar with how they are supposed to look on paper.

The booklet she posted was terribly long and it scared me. However, I looked over it a bit and it seemed interesting.

I looked over this material for the purpose of this blog post. Regardless, I suggest that you guys check them out too. They aren’t long and it’ll help you for tomorrow’s trivia day :).

Anyways, see you goofballs tomorrow.

-Lucas Jordan


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Sorry for the late blog post I was absent on Monday so I had no choice but to delay this post. For my paper I thought that providing my argument first then introducing my source separately would be an efficient way to introduce my thesis. However, looking back at what we did in class, when people had volunteered to have their thesis constructed, a thesis can be even stronger if both of these are tied within a single sentence. Using the examples shown within class I have an idea of what it should look like, and I’ll probably reflect upon this for our upcoming project and rewrite. I think I did an “OK” job presenting my arguments along with analysis, the only problem regarding what Ms. Fleetwood had commented.



Revision Process

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The revision process was really  help to me. The second paper we were used The Absolutely True Diary of Part-Time Indian. When we do the revision process. I was found a lot of mistakes in my paper. Such as the grammar, translation, and analysis. In paper I should write more quote to let my thesis clear. And I always do a lot of describes in my paper.I need write more analysis. I didn’t have “works cited” page. Because I didn’t write cite behind quote. For the re-writing, i will write more analysis and cite behind quote. And write “works cited” . Also write a clear thesis on the second paper.

Yuqi Li

Revision on Project #2

November 9, 2016 | | 2 Comments

I personally feel that working in workshops like we had on Monday and getting feedback really helps make the revision process much easier because we can work on specific areas that we need to improve on. After reading the comments that Professor Fleetwood and my peers have written on my paper, I’ve realized that I need to work on my transitions between each topic sentence and idea. Although I have good topic sentences and a lot of analysis, I tend to jump too quickly on each idea, making the transitions not so smooth. In order to make the transitions smooth, I need to rephrase the sentences that are in-between the topic sentences and the ideas. I should clean up my thesis statement and add a “so what?” factor into my paper so that it would be more interesting for the reader. I have also made the mistake of using one scholarly article that did not match my thesis statement, and as a result, made my essay sound like a different paper towards the end. I chose an article that was about alcoholism and I have noticed that I need to find an article that correlates to oppression and/or life on an Indian reservation. I believe that this is the main problem that I need to fix the most, and hopefully, I can receive a higher grade on the second paper.

– Kristine Pantaleon


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